New Requirement of job advertisement in Jobs Bank (Effective 1st October 2015)

Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has released new updates on 8th July 2015 on enhancing the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) and assessing the quality of foreign Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs).

The key points from the announcement is summarised below:

New Requirement of job advertisement in Jobs Bank (Effective 1st October 2015)

Effective 1st October 2015, companies will be required to publish the salary range of job vacancies that posted in the Jobs Bank. This is to comply with the Fair Consideration Framework’s advertising requirement.

Employers who apply for Employment Passes (EP) where the job advertisement did not state a salary range will have their applications rejected.

Scrutiny of EP Applications for selected firms

The ministry will also step up its scrutiny of EP applications for selected firms which have a “weaker Singaporean core” of PMEs relative to others in their industry. These employers will be required to submit more information include the number of applications submitted by Singaporeans, whether Singaporean were interviewed for the vacancy, and the companies’ current share of Singaporeans in PME positions at various levels.

Suitable Quality and Experience

Companies employing foreign PMEs should ensure that their foreign employees should be of suitable quality and experience. Currently, MOM assesses foreign PMEs based on combination of qualification, experience and salary; particularly, relevant experience for professional occupations.

MOM will take further step of rejecting work pass applications which contain doubtful qualification such as those from degree mill.  EP applicants with forged qualification will be banned working in Singapore for life.