Most Liveable City for Expatriates


Singapore maybe one of smallest country in Southeast Asia, nevertheless, it has been crowned the most liveable city for expatriates in Asia and the world by the human resource consultancy ECA International, January 2015.

Despite being one of the most expensive cities in the world, Singapore is still a favourite place for expatriates. What make Singapore a popular place to live for expatriates and even Lonely Planet has named Singapore as the top country to visit in 2015.

According to ECA International publication, Singapore maintained its position due to good air quality, solid infrastructure, decent medical facilities, low crime and health risk. Assessed in 450 locations, the survey on expatriate living conditions done by ECA includes factors like climate, housing and utilities.

Most Singapore expats find that it is easy to fit in with Singapore culture. Based on HSBC survey conducted in October 2014, 67% of Singapore expats said it was easy to organise their finances when relocating.

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