New Requirement on Singapore Employment Pass


Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will be introducing new requirement with effect from 16th March 2015 on eligibility of Employment Pass (EP) applicant to start work upon arrival to Singapore.

MOM will require that issuance of work passes to be completed prior to foreigners start work. Issuance is to be done via Employment Pass Online (EPOL) system for those companies that have accessed to EPOL. Companies are encouraged to obtain access to EPOL to ensure request for issuance can be done almost immediately upon the EP applicants’ arrival in Singapore.

Upon issuance, the applicant will be issued with a Notification Letter (NL) and able to start work immediately. As a final step, the EP holder should then proceed for work pass card registration as soon as possible as the NL is only valid for one month.

Companies are encouraged to plan their on-boarding process and have a mutual agreement with work pass applicants on their arrival, official start date and issuance of their work passes in Singapore.

Last Update: January 2015