About Us

Our passion for what we do is at the heart of our services. With a combined experience of more than 40 years in relocation services, our team has the expertise and understanding to make your new experience as comfortable and seamless as possible.

All our work is based on a strong relationship with our clients. Our core team has the experience of being relocated themselves, meaning they are able to put themselves in our clients’ shoes and understand their concerns. We understand the necessity for flexibility due to the continuous changes within this industry, and ensure that we adapt to the changing times swiftly.

At NAVE, we consistently commit ourselves to exceptional customer service and thrive on seeing our clients happily settled into their new environment. It is that sense of achievement, as well as having clients remain in contact with us after they return home, that drives the continuous growth and development of our company.

We would like to dispel the misconception held by many external visitors that Singapore is a small and multicultural society so it must be very easy to adapt to and integrate in. Instead, we understand that moving to anywhere new will have a profound impact on your emotions and well-being. You will be affected when your initial expectations are not met. It is our job therefore to assist in managing, adjusting and creating a new set of expectations in order to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Our mission is simple; to make a potentially emotional and stressful time less so. We are passionate about helping our assignees see Singapore as their second home instead of just a temporary place of residence, and thereby let them experience personal in addition to professional growth during their stay.

We are proud that we have changed the image of a relocation company from being unnecessary to a requirement. Let us help you with your relocation to Singapore today.